Steel bars

At Aman Steel Traders, we offer an extensive range of high-quality steel round bars to meet diverse industrial requirements. Here are some of the products we provide:

  1. EN31 Mild Steel Round Bar:

    • High-quality mild steel round bars suitable for various industrial applications.
    • Known for their durability, strength, and corrosion resistance.
    • Available in different diameters to meet specific project requirements.
  2. EN19 Alloy Steel Round Bar:

    • Premium alloy steel round bars with exceptional tensile strength and toughness.
    • Ideal for applications requiring high resistance to wear and abrasion.
    • Suitable for use in machinery parts, automotive components, and more.
  3. EN26 Alloy Steel Round Bar:

    • Superior alloy steel round bars known for their excellent mechanical properties.
    • Offers high strength, good ductility, and resistance to fatigue and impact.
    • Widely used in the aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing industries.
  4. 3 Inch Mild Steel Round Bar:

    • Specifically sized mild steel round bars suitable for various construction and fabrication projects.
    • Provides excellent weldability and machinability.
    • Perfect for structural applications and general engineering purposes.
  5. EN24 Steel Round Bars:

    • High-grade steel round bars known for their exceptional toughness and wear resistance.
    • Suitable for applications requiring high load-bearing capacity and reliability.
    • Used in gears, shafts, studs, and other critical components.
  6. Carbon Steel Heavy Round Bars:

    • Heavy-duty carbon steel round bars designed for strength and durability.
    • Offer excellent weldability and machinability for ease of fabrication.
    • Ideal for construction, infrastructure, and heavy machinery applications.
  7. SAE 1020 Carbon Steel Round Bar:

    • Versatile carbon steel round bars with good weldability and machinability.
    • Suitable for applications requiring moderate strength and excellent ductility.
    • Widely used in shafts, axles, gears, and hydraulic cylinders.
  8. CK 45 Steel Round Bars:

    • CK 45 steel round bars known for their high tensile strength and hardness.
    • Offers good machinability and weldability for ease of fabrication.
    • Commonly used in hydraulic equipment, automotive parts, and machinery components.
  9. D3 Steel Round Bars:

    • D3 steel round bars known for their excellent wear resistance and high hardness.
    • Ideal for applications requiring cutting tools, dies, and precision components.
    • Offers good dimensional stability and machinability.

At Aman Steel Traders, we are committed to providing top-quality steel round bars to meet the diverse needs of our customers in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Contact us for all your steel requirements, and experience reliability and excellence in every product.